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Brand: Ford Aftermarket Water Pump
Cross Reference:
E1ADKN8501B, 81711728, E1ADKN8501A, 81711727,
81411996, 82847510, E1ADKN8501C, 87295259, DKN8501AB
Machine Application: 220, 590E, 592E
Comments: Ford Major, Super Major, 5000

Suggested Retail Price: $54.40
G41314118 G41314118

Cross Reference: 698F6600ABA, 1477469, 41314118, 41314085
Engines: Perkins
4.108 (Automatic Transmission)
Machine Application: Transit 1.8 Diesel

Suggested Retail Price: $85.40
GF6TZ8501A GF6TZ8501A

Cross Reference: F6TZ-8501A
7.3 Liter DI Powerstroke

Suggested Retail Price: $88.40
GF5TZ8501B GF5TZ8501B

Cross Reference: F5TZ8501B, F5TZ8501C
Ford Powerstroke Cast Body

Suggested Retail Price: $97.40
G826F6600EB1B G826F6600EB1B

Cross Reference: 826F6600EB1B, 826F6600EBB, 976T6600AAA
Machine Application: 2703E, 2713E
Comments: Ford Dorset Pump

Suggested Retail Price: $100.00
G703F8K500AAC G703F8K500AAC

Cross Reference: Ford: 703F8K500AAC
Turbocharged 4 Cylinder 240 cu.in, Turbocharged 4 Cylinder 254 cu.in, Turbocharged 4 Cylinder 330 cu.in, Turbocharged 4 Cylinder 365 cu.in, Turbocharged 4 Cylinder 380 cu.in
Machine Application: Ford: Cargo 4.2,6.0, D Series 3.9,4.2,5.4,6.0,6.2

Suggested Retail Price: $100.40
GE9TZ8501B GE9TZ8501B

Cross Reference: E9TZ-8501B
Machine Application: 6.9, 7.3 Liter
Water Pump With Dome Hub

Suggested Retail Price: $150.40
G3C3Z8501 G3C3Z8501

Cross Reference: 3C3Z8501, 3C3Z8501A / BA
Machine Application: 6.0 Liter Turbo Diesel Powerstroke

Suggested Retail Price: $150.40
GE8HZ8501C GE8HZ8501C

Cross Reference: E8HZ8501C, E7HZ8501B, E8HZ8501CRM
Machine Application: 6.6/7.8 Liter

Suggested Retail Price: $160.40
GF1HZ8501C GF1HZ8501C

Cross Reference: F1HZ8501C
Engines: B-F-L600/900 NAAO Engine
Machine Application: 401 Series 6.6, 476 Series 7.8
Ford Truck USA

Suggested Retail Price: $171.40
G4C3Z8501AC G4C3Z8501AC

Cross Reference: 4C3Z8501AC, 7843723C91, 1844877C91
Machine Application: Ford: 6.0 Liter Turbo Diesel Powerstroke

Suggested Retail Price: $199.40
G826F6600ABB G826F6600ABB

Cross Reference: 826F6600ABB, 826F6600AA1B
Machine Application: 380, 2714E, 2715E
Comments: Ford Dorset Pump

Suggested Retail Price: $230.40
G528E6600 G528E6600

Cross Reference: 528E6600, 81745498, 82847515, 528E600A, E1ADN6600A, E1ADDN6616
1.50-7 Ton 4 Cylinder 200/300 CU.IN FC/NC, 6D 590E - 330
Machine Application: Ford Major, Super Major, Power Major

Suggested Retail Price: $238.40